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Since Covid, what have we done to make the gym a safe experience for you?


  1. N & A Green Solutions did an electrostatic antimicrobial treatment throughout the entire facility.

  2. We have installed touch free soap dispensers in the bathrooms.

  3. We have installed stronger blue light hand dryers.

  4. We have installed automatic light switches in the bathrooms.

  5. We have installed a touch free filtered water system for refilling your water bottles. 

  6. We have upgraded the filtration in our HVAC system.

  7. We have added air purifiers with HEPA filters.

  8. We have added Nanoseptic wraps on many touchpoints (cool tech!) 

  9. We have made adjustments to our equipment to be 6’ apart. 

  10. We built a new, smaller desk to maximize gym space.

  11. All FA staff members will get training on how to be "Compliance Ambassadors" to ensure members follow the new guidelines.

  12. All staff members will have temperature checks to start every shift and undergo a COVID screening.

  13. We are keeping records for contact tracing and have a standard emergency protocol in the instance that a member or team member is COVID19 positive. 

  14. We tinted our windows for better comfort and easier temperature regulation in the gym.

  15. We will periodically open our side door to add fresh air circulation in the gym.

  16. Although some equipment had to be removed, we added a brand new cable crossover machine and a new squat rack with built in safety bars for safer squatting and pressing movements.


What to bring:

1. Please arrive wearing clean sneakers and bring only what you are willing to carry with you. There is a small storage area.

2. A mask that covers your mouth and nose.

Tip:  What kind of mask you wear can make all the difference. We have found the blue disposable masks one of the more comfortable and breathable options, however, here are two more products we recommend to make exercising with a mask more tolerable:

Face Mask by Outdoor Research

Silicone Frame for Better Breathing


3. Bring your own workout towel and shower towel if you plan to shower (showers re-open May 16, 2021)

4. Bring your barcode keytag to check in.

5. Bring your own water bottle (we have a reverse osmosis refill station).


Gym Reservations / Policies: 

  • Member Portal Help Video 

  • Members may make one appointment per day, and up to 5 appointments at a time. 

  • Appointments will be limited to 60 minutes in the facility, unless capacity limit allows for longer (please ask).

  • Please arrive and leave on time so members with appointments after yours do not have to wait.

  • There will be a fee for no-show gym appointments of $5.​

Other Important Notes:

  • We will provide each member with a small personal bottle of sanitizing spray and a microfiber cloth, to be returned upon leaving. Please keep this with you during your workout. Members are required to wipe down equipment after use. 

  • Although we love our members' sense of community, please refrain from gathering and socializing near equipment or in an aisle. Enjoy a socially distant chat on our lawn post-workout! :)

Required Self Screening:


Self Screening will be required prior to entering for your appointment EACH time. There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. Complete the online screening on our website using the link in the menu on our homepage.

  2. Complete the online screening by scanning the QR code on the poster on our front window using your mobile device, or 

  3. Read the questions on the poster on our front window/door and only if your answers are all “NO”, you may enter, but must sign the COVID-19 waiver on our desk. You do NOT have to sign the paper waiver if you complete the online screening.


Last But Not Least: 

Please take the time to read this important message from the owners Sarah & Mike Sirico, and Dan Hagerman.


To Our Valued Community,


During this pandemic, we were pushed to a place we never imagined could happen. With the mandated closure of our gyms for the past 6 months, our business took a tremendous hit, and feelings of worry and fear have been a constant undercurrent. It has led us to question everything, like what matters most in life!


Two main beliefs kept returning to our conversations. One, was that we should be pursuing what we feel truly passionate about. The other, is that health and wellness, beyond only physical fitness, seem more important than ever before. This has led us to begin a pivot in our company where these beliefs intertwine.


We have long dreamed of offering certain services to our community that encompass various facets of health, besides only physical exercise. Having been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, we have seen time and time again how members and clients would benefit greatly from certain modalities that until now, haven’t been available locally. We believe by offering our new sister company (The Recovery Lounge), we are able to offer our community a full wellness experience to allow you to feel your best and achieve an optimal quality of health. We can't wait to share it with you when we are ready...


What this means for Fitness Advantage…

Our new business venture will be in the east room of our building. While this room (our former group fitness classroom) more recently provided members with floor space, racks, and equipment storage, it also often went unused for hours at a time during the day. 


While the physical space of Fitness Advantage is slightly smaller, we have streamlined our setup by including more versatile pieces of equipment, removing antiquated & less effective pieces, downsizing & moving our front desk, and rearranging equipment. We will be available to help members with this transition if you need assistance in learning a new & better exercise with the changes. This whole process will also make it easier to socially distance in the gym.


Please bear with us while we navigate this new way of operating. As time goes by, we may be able to change certain policies after observing and seeing where we can streamline. We will do the best we can to accommodate you. Your patience is greatly appreciated while we all do the best we can, together.


Yours in Health,

Sarah, Dan and Mike

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